The problems you may face when upgrading PDI 4.3 to 5.0.1

Upgrading PDI from one version to another is a pretty easy task. You just have to download the latest version and overwrite your existing “data-integration” folder (in fact, I don’t recommend to overwrite.. create a new copy aside the other!) . There is a few blog posts and an official documentation to do it properly.

However, what all these blogs do not tell is what kind of problem you can expect after the upgrade.  Almost every step from newer version are compatible with the older one. That is true. But there are a few steps you should especially care about.

This is the problems I personally faced.

The first is in Spoon with the Zip File Step. I wasn’t able to open the popup to edit the step.

Pentaho ZipFile Dialog

There is no workaround. You have to delete the step and recreate it. I reported the bug:  Zip file Step from PDI 5.0.1 is not compatible with older versions of PDI. It’s not related to the upgrade, but I also found a bug when you append a file to an existing zip with 5.0.1.


The second problem was with the “SQL” step of a job. If the “Send SQL as single statement” is checked, the step produces this error (and nothing more..!):

Make sure you have a semicolon at the end of your statement and uncheck “Send SQL as Single statement”. I didn’t fill a bug report for this one..


I sometime have the following error in the log.. It appears randomly and does not produce any obvious problems. So it’s a bit annoying to debug..

I still haven’t found why


The last things I noticed is a bit disappointing. I explained it in a previous post. PDI 5.0.1 is a little bit slower than 4.3.