OBIEE 11G: Refresh user GUIDs

You most probably have to refresh the user GUIDs

  • After a migration from Dev to Prod (or whatever environment)
  • After a server crash
  • After the OBIEE partition got full
  • After having unexplained problems to signing in

This is an expected operation after a migration of the entire catalogue. I don’t really understand why the GUIDs has to be refreshed after a crash (AFAIK, they don’t change), but I had to do it so many times in this situation to be able to log in again.

The task cannot be done using the Weblogic Console neither Weblogic Enterprise Manager. It requires to manually edit 2 config files on the server, bounce the services, remove the edited lines from the config and bounce the services again.

Edit NQSConfig.INI

The file is located in the Oracle BI Server config folder:


  • Locate the parameter FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS and change its value to YES
  • Save and Close the file

Edit instanceconfig.xml

The file is located in the Oracle Presentation Server config  folder:


  • Locate the XML tag <Catalog>
  • Add the following tag within the <Catalog> tag: <UpdateAccountGUIDs>UpdateAndExit</UpdateAccountGUIDs>
  • Save and Close the file

It should looks like:

Now restart all the services. BI Presentation should fail to start but should not throw errors.

You can now undo all the modifications you made to both config files and restart all the services. Et voilà ! You did refresh the user GUIDs.


Install RMySQL on Ubuntu

RMySQL is the database interface and MySQL driver for R. If you don’t already have MySQL libraries and try to install it, you could get an error like:

This is because the installation don’t find the required MySQL C API libraries. You can manually download them and specify the path as arguments, but a much simpler way is to use apt-get:

Then, in your R environment you can reinstall the package!